Al Kholood vs Hajer

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    Both Al Kholood and Hajer have slim chances of competing for the top 4 spots in the Saudi Arabia First Division, which gives them a promotion ticket to the national championship next season. The direct confrontation between the two teams in round 29 will be crucial in improving their standings.
    Objectively, Al Kholood is the better team and has the advantage of playing at home. Notably, the team from Ar-Rass has maintained a stable form, winning 3, drawing 2, and losing only once in their last 6 matches in the Saudi Arabia First Division.
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    On the other hand, Hajer also has a good form, winning 2, drawing 1, and losing only once in their last 4 matches. However, when it comes to away games, Hajer is not reliable as they lost 3 out of 4 recent matches in the Saudi Arabia First Division.
    • Odds analysis: Asian Handicap: 0:1/4 Al Kholood won all 3 points in their last match against Hajer at home. Currently, Al Kholood is a reliable team as they won 9 out of 14 recent matches with a handicap. Meanwhile, Hajer lost 3 out of 5 recent matches with a handicap. Therefore, we recommend choosing Al Kholood.
    • Odds analysis: Over/Under: 2 In the previous 2 matches between Al Kholood and Hajer, only 1 goal was scored per match. In 4 out of the last 5 matches, Al Kholood scored no more than 2 goals per match. Therefore, we recommend choosing Under.
    Predicted score: Al Kholood 1-0
    Hajer Asian Handicap: Choose Al Kholood to win with a handicap
    Over/Under: Choose Under.
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