Хочу в гильдию , с целью боёв на ГВ

Тема в разделе "Уголок гильдий - Flame", создана пользователем DarkGhost, 16 окт 2010.

  1. DarkGhost

    DarkGhost New Member

    собственно сабж. Интересно само ГВ, шмота нет ,но есть желание его получить , буду качаться, караулить мобов ,вобщем будет шмот
  2.  отпишись в игре на ник: E^o Riku или скажи как можно с тобой связаться) 
  3. DarkGhost

    DarkGhost New Member

    тема ещё актуальна
  4. BishopXrus

    BishopXrus Member

    Таких не берут в КОСМОНАВТЫ!:laugh:
  5. Deviruchi-

    Deviruchi- Active Member

    Тебе уже вроде как ответили...
  6. DarkGhost

    DarkGhost New Member

    Нет , там парень интересовался не приёмом в гильду...
  7. Jamesgoomi

    Jamesgoomi Member

    Here is a bitch! - I slapped her in the ass, but she fell agrees, the slap turned out to be blurred: deaf, finger tips.
    "Look how the chest sways to the beat!"
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    check this out.. I feel like a cold thick lubricant is applied to the coccyx area, slowly spreading along the hollow. He begins to rub it, slightly pushing the ring inside.
    We are late?!
    Fell asleep, right? Come on quickly. It's time to go.
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    I immediately understood his hint and took the dick to the very throat, began to move quickly, making characteristic swallowing sounds that aroused my partner even more, and he began to moan. At times, I rose to the head and diligently caressed it with my lips, then returning "to the depth."

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