Pikmin 4's onions are a refreshing change

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    Nintendo tries to change the formula a little bit with every Pikmin game, and Pikmin 4 is no exception. Not only does the game introduce a new Pikmin genre and the series' first-ever customizable protagonist, but it also makes a ton of exciting changes to the core gameplay loop. While most of the changes are minor, Pikmin 4 also made some major changes to the onion that will need to carry over into future games. Players can prepare enough Pikmin 4 Keys in the game.

    Onions play a key role throughout the Pikmin series, but Nintendo hasn't really decided how to make them work. Almost every game makes some changes to them, and Pikmin 4's version is probably one of the best yet. While it works very similarly to the Pikmin 3 iteration, there are still some notable differences from unlocking Pikmin that really help set it apart. It's a welcome change that both makes it challenging and modern, and it will only make Pikmin 4 stronger.

    Onion in Pikmin 4 is the best one yet

    Onions have been a huge part of the game loop since the first Pikmin. Not to be confused with food, these onions are the nest of various Pikmin types. Each type has its own lair, and players need to find them all. They are usually scattered around the game world and require puzzles to unlock. When players discover them, they can build up their own Pikmin army in order to conquer stronger enemies.

    Pikmin and Pikmin 2 give each Pikmin type its own unique onion, located near the player's landing point. The color of the onions corresponds to the type of pikmin they produce, and each onion is supported by three thin legs to help it stay above the ground. They are found all over the world and can be unlocked simply by approaching them. Once they are unlocked, they join the rest of the onions and, if provided with the correct plants, can start spawning Pikmin types.

    Pikmin 3 removes the single onion and replaces it with a single large onion. Players still need to solve puzzles to unlock them, but the puzzles are more unique. The unlocked onions are then merged together at the end of the day to form one giant universal onion. It will take the form of a more machine-like onion with swirling colors representing the Pikmin it can spawn. This makes managing Pikmin much easier, but it loses some of its uniqueness in the process.

    Pikmin 4 takes the version from Pikmin 3 and greatly expands it. There's still only one generic onion, but unlocking new ones works a little differently. Instead of just solving a puzzle, players must get their Pikmin to bring the new onion back to the main puzzle before they can use it. Once the new onion arrives, it will merge with the main onion and the new color will appear as a small portion. Eventually, the plant-like ship will look like a rainbow onion, spewing out all kinds of pikmin.

    Pikmin 4 also features a new type of onion called Flarlic. Yellow onions are a smaller, colorless onion that is also found throughout the world. Instead of giving players new Pikmins, Flarlics increased the player's party size. This helps give players a reason to explore every inch of the level, and also gives Pikmin 4 a unique progression system that no other game has.

    Not only are Onions in Pikmin 4 incredibly convenient, but unlocking new Pikmins is also more challenging. This makes for a very interesting feature, and the ship's unique botanical aesthetic only makes it better. While Nintendo may change it again in the final Pikmin 5, hopefully it builds on Pikmin 4's version rather than ditching it for something new. For more game guides, please visit eanflcoins.com.
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