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Тема в разделе "Swordman / Crusader / Knight / Paladin / Lord Knig", создана пользователем Лидиан, 23 янв 2008.

  1. Лидиан

    Лидиан Шичибукай

    Так как куча подобных тем возникало и затруднений на этом неписе, то вот.
    Вопросы от Lady Amy Beatris и ответы, внимание варианты ответов в игре могут быть немного другими чем тут, выбирайте по схожести по наитию, где есть 2 варианта ответа, выбирается любой из них, оба правильны:

    Lady Amy Beatris:"Let's say your in Morroc and you want to recruit a party member. What would you do?"
    ответы:"Make a chatroom and wait."
    ответы:"Ask if anyone wants to party with a Knight.."

    Lady Amy Beatris:"Your party makes it to the fourth floor of the pyramid, what will you do now?"
    ответы:"Scout ahead and make sure it's safe for all"
    ответы:"Stay in front of the party and move slowly"

    Lady Amy Beatris:"A lame-o guy creates a mob right in front of your party and disappears. What would you do?"
    ответы:"Look after your partners"
    ответы:"Fight hard and help when needed"

    Lady Amy Beatris:"This guy begs you to help him, what will you do?"
    ответы:"Ask the priest in your party to help."

    Lady Amy Beatris:"During your previous battles, a monster dropped a very valuable item that you picked up. What do you do with it?"
    ответы:"Give it to the person that deserves it the most."
    ответы:"Discuss it with the others."

    Lady Amy Beatris:"What would be the best way to sell them?"
    ответы:"Create a chatroom to advertise the items."
    ответы:"Go around looking for someone that needs them."

    Lady Amy Beatris:"Someone comes up to you and begs you for money. What would you do?"
    ответы:"Tell him a place where its suitable for him to earn money."

    Lady Amy Beatris:"You run into somone who's lost. What do you do?"
    ответы:"Tell her where the exit is."
    ответы:"Bring her to the exit."

    Lady Amy Beatris:"Suddenly a priest appears! What would you do?"
    ответы:"'Would you please heal me. I'll share the drops with you.'"

    Lady Amy Beatris:"On the road back to town, you see a very valuable object. What will you do?"
    ответы:"Ask around to see if anyone dropped it."
    ответы:"Leave it there."
  2. Acubenchik

    Acubenchik Member

    1 Open a chat room and wait. или Look for people seeking Knights.
    2 Check out the area and plan ahead. или Lead the party slowly at the front.
    3 Defend while the party retreats.
    4 Ask your party's Priest to help.
    5 Give it to who deserves it the most. или Decide with party who gets it.
    6 Inquire if there is anyone that is interested.
    7 Give suggestions for a place to hunt.
    8 Tell the person how to reach the exit. или Lead the person to the exit.
    9 Would it be possible to get a heal please?
    10 Ask around to find the owner. или Simply walk by.

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