Набор в гильдию Legion of Gods

Тема в разделе "Уголок гильдий - Flame", создана пользователем ~Dead mode~, 2 июн 2010.

  1. Abismal

    Abismal Member

    Полный бред о том что онегаи всегда были на первом месте аж целых 2 !!!! года, автор убейся, там менялось больше 5-7гильдий
  2. Shaman-007

    Shaman-007 Заблокированный

    Чeт всe гвшныe гильдии(хотя этa тaкaвой нeбылa) рaзвaливaются, кромe нaшeй...
    Походу я пeрeстaрaлся... Книжкой по шaмaнству слeгкa ошибся xD... Хотeл-то только лaгaющий инeт врaжeским импорубaм зaбaбaхaть -_-...
  3. Abismal

    Abismal Member

    4 человека у вас со стартового состава)

    а мы просто ушли на др серв, и все :turned:
  4. Jamesgoomi

    Jamesgoomi Member

    That's wonderful. Now we need to agree on the schedule of visits. When do you show up from work?
    Fuck... I completely forgot about my once beloved sister, that I'm a complete asshole that made her wait so long for me in her arms that the old passion can flare up with renewed vigor. Yes, I'm an asshole...
    Dima. You are so good at fucking. Trying to catch her breath, said the stepmother. Come on sunshine, fuck me some more. I want to feel your cock inside me again.
    I took a sip of coffee and puffed out clouds of smoke, looking at this picture with fascination and getting heavenly pleasure. Julia worked wonders and it was clear that she was very good at bringing a man to an oral orgasm. She did everything slowly, with an arrangement, gently caressing what men worry about the most.
    read more.. - What kind?
    When their Vika, together with Vano, was pushed into the water, he, already accustomed to not closing his eyes under water, saw in various poses how Ira fell and somersaulted in the water. Ass and bare one breast. She quickly corrected and it was clear that she did not see that Slava saw her. When they were thrown off, Slava managed to grab something from Ira, and he succeeded.
    She abruptly pulled her hand out of her pants when her daughter's voice came from the house asking why we weren't going to sleep. Well, I had a short conversation with Olga, I scared the "young woman", as he called her, so that she would not tell adults when to sleep and when to stay awake. Olga was not offended, she asked the "adult uncle" if he was going to sleep under a canopy on a bench. Went to the house to conduct explanatory work. Olga said that she had made a bed in her mother's room, there was nowhere else, the house was small.
    The matter was approaching the evening, the wine was running out, I was already thinking how to leave. In order not to be expelled, but the honor to know. And then Sveta started talking about sex toys, boasted of her anal plug with a flashlight. She took pleasure in teasing and embarrassing me. And then when I was about to say goodbye, she suddenly kissed me. First, just a short kiss on the lips, then after a moment, a long kiss with the tongue. And she did it so skillfully that I never thought that an ordinary kiss could be so tasty. During the kiss, while we stood embracing. I touched her elastic ass, running my hands under the T-shirt, caressed her breasts. And she unbuttoned my zipper on my trousers, caressed my penis with her palm. She pushed me, showing me to sit down in a chair. Somehow dancing, she almost sat down with her ass on my knees, and began to move in such a way as to touch my penis with her. Then she turned to face me and knelt down. And made a deep throat blowjob. Without bringing me to ejaculation, she took off her T-shirt and shorts. She pulled off her panties and lay back on the table. When I went to insert her, she wrapped her legs around me. And setting the pace of fucking, she moved them so that I had to fuck her in time with the movement of her legs. It was very exciting, and not only me, judging by her nipples. Which poured and stuck out, she got high too. When it was all over, she asked not to leave, we just lay in silence hugging each other. It prolonged the aftertaste of good sex, and created some comfort.
    I drank a little, ate some. She sent some shabby little man, who was starting to get stuck. Another man was pulled away from me by his mop. Then Alex returned. I sat half-turned to the table, and he, taking advantage of this, unceremoniously penetrated under the blouse and took up my boobs. My surprise was immeasurable when I saw Lesha entering the door. It turned out that Igor was squeezing me.
    But then he said to her - You don’t mind if I go to Tom, I will have to go away, because the matter is urgent.
  5. Jamesgoomi

    Jamesgoomi Member

    I agreed, even though I had other things to do for the weekend. I felt that I needed to go. If you don’t like it, I had a backup plan: come, say that for a couple of hours and that I have business. Well, maybe stay until the evening, depending on how it goes.
    So. Then I was 26 27 years old. Before that, I worked hard in the gym, working on muscle relief. By that time I was working as a model and continued to maintain the shape of my muscles. I had enough photo shoots and orders from other countries. I earned not bad and managed to move from my hometown to the capital. In the capital, through acquaintances, I got a job in an institution that needed men of my type. I undressed in the dance, showing off my muscular body to wealthy ladies. Or more simply, he worked as a stripper. Perhaps many will consider this something vile or low, but I liked this work. After a couple of years, I participated in many programs of the institution, although I was not the best dancer in the team. But at the same time I was one of the most muscular.
    I laughed kindly, she asked:
    see more.. want to fuck!
    Inna slowly got excited and already swallowed the penis almost the entire length. After 5 minutes I removed Inna.
    We drank a little cognac, sitting close. I fingered his flaccid cock until it was back to its proper size. After that, she lay down on her stomach and raised her buttocks invitingly. Oleg immediately accepted my offer, although not in the way I expected. No hesitation, he planted me in the ass.
    Without theoretical preparation, nothing will work. There is a lot of literature on this issue concerning the psychology, physiology and technology of sex.
    — Wow... How big! Yes, I was lucky with my nephew, my aunt laughed again. From the reminder of our "distant relationship" I twitched.
  6. Jamesgoomi

    Jamesgoomi Member

    In fact, this is the comprehension of the high through the low. Including through sex.
    Hello everyone from sunny California. My name is Sasha. I have been living in the USA for 8 years now. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg. He studied at a school with in-depth study of English. He also loved biology. After he entered the medical university, where he learned about the exchange program in his senior years. I could go to study in different countries. Even to Malaysia, even to India, Australia, Greece or China. But I was lucky enough to go to study in the USA. I began to take a lot of interest in this country, the way of life and habits of their citizens. And so, in 2013, I was informed that my student visa was ready and I was going to study in Denver, Colorado.
    please click for source.. none
    We drove up to a village house, the light was on, he invited me to warm up and drink tea with my grandmother, alcohol in the body did not prevent this. we went into the yard, there I saw a man, he was holding a dog that was barking at us. The dog was big, but I didn’t make out the breed, something between a Moscow watchdog and a German shepherd, or maybe it was a Central Asian, it somehow eluded me ... we entered the house ... and then my driver changed. He abruptly switched to \\\\\\"you\\\\\\", grabbing my shoulder and told me to hurry up and close the door to the street, otherwise I'll let the cold bitch drunk, although about a second before that I sobered up. He dragged me across the room, sat me on the bed and in a calm voice explained that after we had sex he would take me home. Out of fear, I couldn’t even answer anything, although I always imagined that if I got into such a situation, I could always fight back ... His calmness and quiet voice frightened me most of all.
    - Andryusha ... Promise that you will always be like that.
    Well, what are we going to do?
    While I was jumping, he began to wake up, and began to say: what are you doing, you fool?!?! He began to twitch, trying to untie his hands, but it turned me on even more.

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