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  1. Кей Кун

    Кей Кун Member

    Гв было супер 40 человек перло на нас но мы в в 3 гильды отвоевали пронту :sorcerer:
    кого небыло на гв много упустили :frantics:
    Пс.завязываю курить :purple:
  2. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    уже 23 дня прошло.....пора завязывать..........
  3. igorvasilev

    igorvasilev форумный боец

    оО подробности в студию :) кто был, какие ги, сколько кого и скрины :3
  4. Shaman-007

    Shaman-007 Заблокированный

    Стебешся 0_о?
  5. BishopXrus

    BishopXrus Member

    Интересное гв на флейме? Караул почему раньше не было :faceless:
  6. Mr@k

    Mr@k NightWish

    40 человек)

    эт чо там все в 10 окон играли?)
  7. -Touch-

    -Touch- Member

    это как минимум)

    Мне кажется Андрей гвардов по 2 раза считал XD
  8. drumNbase

    drumNbase Member

    Это был сарказм на ско я понимаю...
  9. boomertook

    boomertook Member

    давненько так не фанились :frantics:
  10. Кей Кун

    Кей Кун Member

    конечно сарказм, я тогда зашел в замок взял его и лег спать проснулся так же в замке=) :rolleyes:
  11. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    тебя постеснялись будить)))))
  12. boomertook

    boomertook Member

    настолько впечатлило до сих пор в замке сижу жду..боюсь отнимут
  13. Jamesgoomi

    Jamesgoomi Member

    After some time, she felt weak, Roman, noticing this, became more courageous in his actions and put his hand on her knee, her skin became very sensitive, Roman moved his hand further, reaching Ksyusha's panties.
    Well, because it is difficult to describe biology, you understand, when everything is noisy in the head, the heart is beating, in general, everything is a little different for us men.
    I took off all his clothes and started tying him to the bed.
    this web page.. — Ha ha, Ir, what are you doing? Don't know how to suck? - he said with a laugh, looking at her licking from the left side of the head to the right.
    Yes. It's a habit. In our country, it is simply not customary to walk around the house in street shoes.
    I had so much lubrication that I thought that he had finished in me, my vagina was squelching, and I wanted to scream with pleasure. But since there was a member in the mouth and he also intensively fucked me in the mouth, or rather, he took my head in his hands and put it on the penis, only lowing was obtained. And on the next shelf, my husband, drunk on me, was sleeping. A minute later I cum profusely and collapsed on the shelf.
    She grabbed his shoulders with force, pulling Victor to his feet and beginning to unbutton his trousers. She did it quickly, and finally, the longing for tender kisses member broke free. Ira wrapped her lips around him and began to caress the trunk, smacking his lips. She was doing a blowjob when Victor, burning with desire, abruptly picked her up and immediately entered. Great... They stood in the same position for about a minute, enjoying the moment, after which they began to move. The size of Victor's cock suited her so well that she felt an extravaganza of feelings, choking with moans, she ran into his stake with force. And it doesn’t matter at all that behind the wall is a husband who turned the TV louder and has long understood that he does not satisfy his wife ...
    And then it's a matter of technology. She screams, screams that she doesn’t want anything, that I am raping her, that tomorrow she will go with a statement for rape. And I move my butt. I'm trying to get deeper. After a while, her voice began to lose volume, then angry notes disappeared from her speech, and then the first moan of voluptuousness flew from her lips. I stopped raping her roughly, began to move more gently, began to caress. She drags herself from kisses on the neck just below the hair. And when you kiss the shoulder blades. And kisses on the ass lead her into a state of delight. So I got out of her, my dear, stopped the torment of her little body, began caresses and kisses. She arched like a cat, arched her back, and put her ass out. It just doesn't purr. Where had it gone, all her anger? And she climbed onto the sofa with her knees, so she got up. And then she turned on her back and with her hands, two at once, spread her lips to the sides.
  14. Jamesgoomi

    Jamesgoomi Member

    "And you decided that I would breed Inna? I also had a mumps. Where is the guarantee?"
    She smiled and raised her eyebrows slightly.
    Yes, such strange thoughts were in my head at that moment.
    Damn, come on in if you need a drink - I'm bored here alone too!
    visit web page.. Saying goodbye to them, he went towards her house.
    After breakfast, the robber quickly hit the road. Eldas was never able to find a fresh source of water. Darg dozed on the straw. Eldas was sleeping nearby. Dasal was examining a map he himself had drawn during his many travels. Oravan drove the wagon. Gorr sharpened arrowheads. Naza was crying and holding on to her holes, which hurt like hell. Ylva lay between her legs and, embarrassed, blew on her cellmate's vagina to make her feel a little better. Rarra stood near the exit from her cage and looked at the loving look of the big man Gorr. The forest was quiet. An hour later, it became less and less frequent, until the trees had not ended at all. The wagon drove across a large field. A small village was visible in the distance. Judging by the stench, the Pig Faces lived here. The wagon pulled up to the first houses and stopped.
    Yes! without removing the member from the mouth.
    No need to be embarrassed by this.
    You know what I like, he said. He let go of the bottom of her skirt. Footsteps and conversation were heard from the left, she lowered her T-shirt. A moment later, a couple of men passed by without even looking in their direction. It was possible to go for a walk further, but he decided to continue what he started. He pulled her skirt down to her knees. She was silent and watched his actions. He lifted her T-shirt, took a step back, took out his phone and started taking photos. Quick footsteps were heard and local guys jumped into the alley, seemingly youngsters. The first saw a naked female body and braked sharply, the rest began to fly into it. She quickly lowered her shirt and pulled up her skirt. He took her by the hand and shouted:
    Well, not quite anything ... I will definitely wear sandals!

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